Colors (according to scheme of the German "Eloxalverband")


EV-1 natural aluminum silver natural
EV-2 light gold light gold
EV-3 dark gold dark gold
EV-6 black black
C31 stainless steel stainless steel
E7-C31 stainless steel polished stainless steel polish

Colors can vary slightly per order


Finish according to DIN 171611 and DIN 171612

Here’s a list of our codes, their respective kind of pre-treatment and the resulting surface. 

Code Treatment Surface
E 5 chemically treated, fully ground and polished 

all stripes and rough spots removed

E 6 chemically treated, matte surface 

light stripes and rough spots not fully removed

E 7* chemically treated specially polished for stainless steel look

*not in compliance with DIN 171611 or 171612

EVD-keys for surface treatment and colouring


.10 E6 EV-1 .01 untreated
.20 E6 EV-2 .02 ground and polished  
.30 E6 EV-3 .75 chrome plated
.40 E6 EV-6 .80 enameled
.19 E6 C 31 .99 non-aluminum parts
.11 E5 EV-1  
.21 E5 EV-2  
.31 E5 EV-3  
.41 E5 EV-6  
.29 E5 C 31  
.18 E7 C 31  


The following remarks of surface refinement can be offered in these maximum widths. 


Remark max. width
polished 6000 mm
anodized 6000 mm
chromed 6000 mm
lacquered according to RAL  6000 mm

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