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Art.No. Article   System(s)  
57680 Bread shelf with detent pin | angular piece 521
57682 Bread shelf with detent pin | curved piece 521
57685 Bread shelf with detent pin | pivoted piece 521


Surfacegroup 1
silver matt anodized E 6/EV-1
Surfacegroup 2
champanger anodized E 6/EV-2
dark gold anodized E 6/EV-3
Surfacegroup 3
stainless steel anodized E 6/C-31
black matt anodized E 6/EV-6
powdered RAL

Surfacegroup 4
shiny silver anodized E 5/EV-1
Surfacegroup 5
shiny champanger anodized E 5/EV-2
shiny dark gold anodized E 5/EV-3
Surfacegroup 6
shiny stainless steel anodized E 5/C-31
brushed stainless steel anodized E 7/C-31
shiny black anodized E 5/EV-6

Surfacegroup 7
plastic black
Surfacegroup 8
plastic gold
Surfacegroup 9
plastic silver

Surfacegroup 10
diverse surfaces