The company

Warsteiner Alu Systeme shows a constantly growing international activity. With distributors or salesagents in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Austria, the company is one of the important partners for development of aluminium profiles and showcase systems of high quality.

Being founded in June 2000, the company moved to a new and larger factory at the industrial estate of Warstein. After expansion in 2008, the company has 3000 sqm to manufacture its products.

By constantly training and educating our staff, development of the company remains at a high level. WAS is an authorized training company of the Industrie-und Handelskammer Arnsberg, Hellweg-Sauerland.

By permanent adjustment of our machine park in the sectors of CNC-processing and sawing techniques, we assure the compliance of scheduled delivery dates and consistent quality of our products. Skilled technicians are familiar with the powerful CAD system, which ensures a succesful collaboration with our customers.

Learn more about our three main steps of manufacturing of store equipment for showcases:

Constructing, producing and finishing.

We look forward to your enquiries!





As we are determined to meet your requests, we look for the best possible realisation of your ideas by involving you in the planning phase. Your store equipment request is always our main focus. With our aluminium profiles and showcase systems, we are set to accomplish this goal. We can send you DXF-files, if you would like to construct with our systems.
Our work starts with your construction plan. We are taking it a step further and prepare a sketch and quotation on your request. After approval we are ready for manufacturing to your shop fitting request on schedule. With the powerful CAD- and computersystem, the experience of our skilled team, fast and straghtforward work is guaranteed.
Functional design and hygiene requirements have top priority in the development of various showcase systems and shop fitting products. Those factors are tested on a regular basis, from development phase to manufactured product.



Our staff is familiar with all kinds of aluminium processing. Therefore only well-elaborated shop fitting products leave our factory.

At the start of the manufacturing of shop fitting products, several profiles are handled by modern sawing- an CNC machines. Afterwards, in our CNC treatment centers, we mill standard components, but also customised store equipment according to plan.

With different eccentric presses, the aluminium profiles, which are used later in the shop interior, are perforated and deformed. Further processing of profiles happens with special-purpose machines.

ManufacturingCNC Treatment

In our grind shop department, we grind, brush and polish the aluminium profiles, so preparing them for premium surface treatment.



By pre-aasembling the showcase and shop fitting products in our factory, our customers will need less work and time for their projects
We only use premium quality components to enhance the longevity of all our store equipment products.
We are determined to fullfil you wishes for individual designed store equipment. This includes drill jigs, fitting instructions, precise labelling and lettering of each component and additional tools to assist you to use our products easily. To assure a safe transport and arrival, you order is checked for quality before we expedite it in a proper and solid packing.